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Nana Nehanda - Afro Doll

Nana Nehanda - Afro Doll

Beautiful afro doll dressed in african attire. This Zimabwean queen is sacred, powerful and prophetic. She loves nature and all things beautiful.
Nana Nehanda represents the lovingly known Ambuya Nehanda who lived in Mashonaland, Zimababwe. Ambuya Nehanda was known for her wisdom, warmth and acceptance as such many people of the land would seek out her council and advice. She used this a way to teach togetherness, pride and community amongts her people.
When the Europeans who had been trading with the people of Mashonaland began to mistreat her people, Ambuya Nehanda rallied her people together with her spirit of pride and strength to fight against the oppresser. 
Her spirit of leadership, bravery, motivation, and acceptance continues to live through the people of Mashonaland. Today we remember her as one of the most powerful women on earth.
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Dimensions: 13 inches


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