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Diana Doll

Diana Doll

Beautiful Diana loves to write and daydream. Her favourite topics are fun things she and her friends can do and places they can visit. She loves to gather friends and read her stories aloud. Diana is a wonderful storyteller, and listeners hang on her every word as she makes her story jump off the page and come alive. She creates poems too, and often recites them in English class. When she grows up, she wants to write novels, plays and scripts for movies. Diana has beautiful caramel coloured skin, golden brown eyes and lovely dark hair which she loves to wear styled in two twisted braids.
·         Radiates confidence and beauty
·         Soft body doll with vinyl head, legs and arms
·         Realistic facial features


This beautiful dolls is out of stock

Specifications Age Start: 3 Years

Shipping Weight: 800grams

Product in Inches (L x W x H): 8.74 x 4.76 x 19.02

SKU code: BFD681

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