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About Black Beauty Dolls


About Us

Black Beauty Dolls (Trading name of Dolls Like You Limited) addresses the need for more toys and books for children of black or multi-racial heritage. Despite a greater public awareness of the benefits of toys which reflect the ethnic heritage of our children (and the detriment of a lack of such toys) it is still surprisingly difficult to find fun and educational toys which our children can easily identify with.

Inclusive in nature, Black Beauty Dolls equally caters for people who may not have a black or multi-racial heritage but, understand the need to provide their children with toys which reflect and teach about the multi-cultural world within which we live.

Unrivalled in terms of choice and brands we feature black dolls, dolls accessories, party supplies and black children’s books. We plan to expand our range to include puzzles, games and stationery which engender a sense of pride and belonging in our children.

Our ultimate aim is to make Black Beauty Dolls a one stop shop providing children of colour with as much choice and variety as their non ethnic counterparts when it comes to toys, books, games and all things which childhood memories are made of.


Our Values

Passion – We have a real passion and belief in the importance of engendering a sense of self pride and identity in our children. We harness this passion into everything we do especially in selecting the right black dolls and black children’s books which give you unsurpassed choice and variety when building a child’s doll and book collection.


Fun – We want to delight all our customers and the children who receive our products, afterall we are creating childhood memories. Your children will love and take pride in their dolls and books, enjoying hours of fun play as they learn about the world we live in. The best thing of all is that they will love being able to recognise themselves in their books and toys.


Selection– We give you the ability to buy the little angels in your life a doll from a large selection of the major brands. Barbie, Bratz, Moxie and Mattel which have been previously almost impossible to buy in the UK are all featured in our range.  We strive to continuously work with our suppliers and book publishers to enable us to stock more items to bring you unrivalled choice.


The customer chooses – The current trend in toy retailing is for stores to present an ‘assorted item’, leaving the customer uncertain about which toy they will receive until they open the package when it arrives. At Black Beauty Dolls you receive the item you want, we have no restrictive assorted range here. No matter how we source our stock from our suppliers we promise to allow you to choose the exact doll, book or toy you want.


Customer service –We will work to ensure that your experience is seamless and hassle free from the moment you enter our website to the moment you receive your package.


You are our valued customers so we would love to hear from you. If you like what we do please tell us, if you have ideas about how we could do things differently, please do also tell us. We know that your time is precious to you and promise to respond to all your queries within 48 hours.


We hope that you will enjoy shopping with us at Black Beauty Dolls